The first sense we develop is hearing. From the womb to the tomb we march on through life to the one same beat; our heartbeat. We are surrounded by modern life’s soundtrack whether we like it or not; cars frenetically screeching to a halt, whispering voices at the grocery store lines, a bird’s morning song. Music is also crucial to our social lives; we debate on genres, music tastes, create playlists, and dedicate songs to loved ones. Can we deny the joy in singing in the shower? Or the fun in playing air drums while stuck on rush hour?

Music is a fundamental part of our lives and now more than ever we have the option to listen to what we want to and skip the unwanted. Is that not a brand’s ultimate goal? To become a part of consumers’ daily lives through their own volition?

The creative process of Music Branding provides the finding of insights through which we can facilitate an encounter with different products and services of a brand with the help of music- music carefully selected according to the values, objectives and DNA of each brand.

The result is an emotional connection with the consumer, awakening associations and essentially making the consumer a lover and fan of the brand. In this way, brands create their own consumer communities united by shared musical tastes, which in turn become experiences and memories.

As consumers, people are loyal to music because it makes them feel good, and brands aspire to make their target audiences feel good too. Music provides not only a personal relationship, but also long-term loyal behavior triggered by emotions, experiences, exclusivity and engagement. Fomenting new communities and new fans is Music Branding’s goal. Music is capable of differentiating brands from the rest of the competition, elevating a brand into a Lovemark that increases the net worth of shareholders.

We design music experiences for brands. We create innovative events and activations that connect emotionally with your consumers, generating engagement and loyalty with your brand.



Our core product is in the creation of sonic identities. We specialize in building a solid sound canvas to represent the values and DNA of your brand with a unique, distinctive voice that will resonate and be heard in the market.



We act as the musical guardians of your brand. We supervise the correct implementation of music content for your communication strategies. Our job is to make sure that your brand has a powerful and consistent sound.



We take co-branding to the next level and create brand alliances with musicians and artists. We develop an organic association between your brand and a musician’s image and values. We pair your brand’s objectives with that of the chosen artist’s career path, resulting in a symbiotic relationship that’s powerful and mutually beneficial.


As an agency we have a deep network of songwriters to work with and collaborate. We choose songwriters based on their genre and musical profile, and then supervise the composition, production, and post-production of your brand’s sound.



Finding the right musical accompaniment for your brand is just as important as finding the right logo. We customize searches for the right music and manage the music syncing and licensing processes of brands.


We are a creative agency specialized in Music Branding. We use music strategically, focusing on sound experiences as the core of each project. Our approach is to connect brands with true fans by generating organic relationships that inspire consumer loyalty; effectively creating a bond that helps audiences identify with brands through emotions and meaningful experiences



Managing Director

Favorite Album:

Pet Sounds



Creative Director

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Marketing Director

Favorite Album:

Abbey Road

Music is more universal than ever in this digital age. We offer our services to brands, agencies, songwriters, and labels the world over. Feel free to give us a shout if you want to find out more about our services or would like to collaborate with us.


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